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International Operations Management
Lagrange multipliers and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker optimality conditions
Management of Quality
Bounds and the dual LP
Supply Chain
Revenue management and pricing
Toyota Motor Manufacturing
Resource allocation models
Business Finance
Business Communication
Process View
The triangle algorithm
corporate responsibility
Flowchart Design
An economic interpretation of LP duality
Time Series Forecasting
Portfolio Management
Faces and vertices
Convex hull decision problem and SVM
Inventory control problems
Process design production management
Farkas' lemma
Representation theorems
Strict feasibility problem
Hirsh conjecture
Solving optimization models with a computer
Supply chains and business models
Control charts and Just-in-time Processes
interior point methods
configuration management
process re-engineering
Role of Information in Operations
Function of Co-ordination
Hirsh conjecture,Sensitivity analysis and parametric LP
Primal-dual method for LP
International Finance
Duality Simplex method
managerial decision-making
Analytical Decision Making
Beer Game
Planning and Control
Operations Strategy & Global Competitiveness
Epilogue of Queues
Root Cause of Failure
Structure of polyhedra
Quality via Process Reengineering and Employee Engagement
operations improvement
Purpose of Production
stochastic orders
Gantt Chart
Monte Carlo Methods
The Improvement Routine
Compensation management
Product design
Finding a Basic Feasible Shipping Schedule
Support vector machine (SVM)
Separating vs. Pooling Servers
Revenue Management
Duality and post optimal analysis
Feasibility problem
Moments of Truth
The simplex method
Computational complexity theory
Project Scheduling
Aggregate Planning
Change management
Product and Service Design
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Sparsest cut
JIT and Lean Operations
Sensitivity Analysis
Service Levels and Lead Times
data-driven and learning models
Facility lay-out
Strongly polynomial-time algorithms
Value Stream Mapping
Bottleneck Analysis
Gantt Charts
Non-linear programming
Planning & Control of Batch Production
Controlling Processes
Production Team Manager
Algorithmic applications
Quality Control
Coordination and sustainability
TSP and magic labeling problem
System and Capacity Planning
Simplex method in tableau form
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Sourcing and Logistics
Applications of
pricing and revenue management
Waiting Line management
Work Flows
Chebyshev Approximation
Statistical Process Control
Hiring Status Management
Activity Analysis to Maximize the Rate of Return
Push principle
support vector machine (SVM) problems
Panama Canal
Operations Head
Convex hull decision problem
Two-phase method
Karmarkar’s algorithm and variations
The Simplex Tableau
Minimizing the Maximum of Absolute Values
Systems of linear inequalities
Sensitivity analysis and parametric LP
Management of Production Systems
The Optimal Assignment Problem
Work Flow Management
Interior-point methods
Total Quality Management
Duality theorem of
Effectiveness Metrics
Behavioral and experimental economics
Sales Manager
Game theory and von Neumann’s min-max theorem
Linear Programming Formulations
Inventory managementQuality management
Postponement Revenue Management
Bipartite matching
Management of Facilities
Objective function
Activity analysis
Vertex cover
Efficiency of Employees
employee engage men
New Zealand
Operations Management and Operations Strategy
Business models
fundamental theorem of LP
Combinatorial optimization problems
Just-in-Time Systems
Scheduling and Planning
Network flow problems
Epilogue of Formulations
A Modification of the Simplex Method That Avoids Cycling
Duality theorems
integer linear programs
Linear inequalities and the feasibility problem
Process Improvement
Network Models
Geometry of
Reward management
Simplex Method and Sensitivity analysis
Process Mapping
Linear Fractional Programming
Spanning tree
Supply Chain Management
Advanced Linear Programming
Minimizing the Sum of Absolute Values
service industries
Conflict Management
Quality services including TQM and Service Delivery
The General Maximum and Minimum Problems
algorithms and approximations
Performance Measurement
Introduction to computational complexity
Epilogue of Inventory Management
Resource Allocation
Polyhedra and polyhedral cones
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Basic Organizational Design
Networks and the shortest path problem
Operation research
Public Services
Dynamic Programming
Capacity Planning
Convex cones and polyhedra
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Supplement Materials
People and operations
Quality Operations
Classification of optimization problems
Helly theorems
Worst-case complexity of LP
Technology for Quality & Efficiency
Production scheduling
Decomposition theorem for polyhedra
The Duality Theorem
Zara Company
Geometric interpretations
Efficiency and effectiveness management
Duality in
Inventory Management
Maximin and minimax objectives
Process Selection & Facility Layout
procurement strategy
Aggregated planning
Discuss features of Inventory management
Cycling and anti-cycling pivot rule
LP duality and game theory
Convex sets
Quadratic programming
Phase I and phase II algorithms
Mapping with Interrelationships
Feedback System Dynamics
Transportation problem
Inventory Analysis
production/operations planning and management
Transportation models
Notions of size of LP
behavioral operations
Operations and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Facility Layout
Planning and Control of Projects
Khachiyan’s ellipsoid method for LP
Graphical solutions of optimization models
Process and Capacity Design
Four Problems with Nonlinear Objective Function
The Standard Maximum and Minimum Problems
Taylor theorem
Bland's rule
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Economic Size Industrial Unit
The General Production Planning Problem
Visualizing Process and Outcome Data
Strategy & Productivity
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Available software to solve linear programs
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Flow Time Analysis
Storage costs
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Protection Levels and Overbooking
Feasible solutions
Process and Resource
Scaling Up: Distributed Delivery of Services
mechanism design aspects
Ellipsoid method
Engineering applications
Linear programs in canonical form
Strategic Capacity Planning for Products & Services
Purchasing Decisions
Improving search: convexity and optimality
Dual simplex method in tableau form
postponement Development
Efficiency Metrics
Game theory
Maximum and Minimum analysis
Convex hull membership problem
Service System
Desk Jet Printer Supply Chain
Value Creation Through Operations
Dual of LP in Standard form
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Multicommodity flows
Quality management principles
CRU Computer Rental
Learning curves
Fully polynomial-time approximation scheme
Operations Strategy and Management
Goal Programming
management of technology
principal-agent models and contract design
The Pivot Madly Method
Min-cost flows
Planning & Scheduling Location
Geometry of 2-dimensional linear programs
Solving Matrix Games by the Simplex Method
Team Handling Qualities
Convex hull decision problem and its generalization
Case complexity of LP
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Process Choice Capacity
Quality Assurance
Supply chain management papers
Management of Logistics
Interpretation of the Dual
Pivot Operation
Generalized Duality
Quality Assurance Team Head
Algorithmic separation of convex sets
Solving General Problems by the Simplex Method
Pivot Rules for the Simplex Method
Organizing for improvement
Control of Production
Bland’s rule for finite termination
Adaptive Organizational Design
capacity requirements planning
Variation of specific department
Stochastic Demand Inventory Theory
Convex optimization
Range of quantitative tools and techniques
Business Analytics
Formulation of linear and integer programs
Simplex method
Facility Layout and Location
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Process Performance and Throughput
Production and operations
Newsvendor Model
Production process models
The Dual Simplex Method
(LP) Problem
Process Flow and Process Flow Measures
Transportation Problems
Times and Economic Order Quantity
Inventory Management
Epilogue of Flow Analysis
Shortest paths
Newsvendor Model Centralization
Control Charts
Process Analysis
Triangle algorithm
Complementary pivot theory
Design thinking and innovation
Capacity analysis
Geometric of the simplex method
operational risk
Constrained Games
The primal-dual method for LP
Routing Sheet
Material requirements planning
Total unimodularity and structured LP
Service Operations
Reliability & ISO 9000
The Activity Analysis Problem
Leading operations and project teams
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The Diet Problem
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Procedure of Production Planning & Control
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Checking for Optimality
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Decision Theory
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Demand Inventory Theory
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Recession directions
Risk management
The Pivot Operation
Process design
Epilogue of Revenue Management
Project management
Statistical Process Control
precision and polynomial-time algorithms
Planning & Control of Mass Production
Production control
Supply Chain Management Forecasting
Farkas lemma
Geometry and algebra of "corner points"
Linear inequalities
Line Balancing
Standard form
Operations Management in the Real World
Quality Management
Work Processing Strategies
Linear programming model
Non Neumann’s min-max theorem
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Basics Prospective
Decision Analysis
Complementary slackness conditions
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Payroll management
Demand Peaks
Operations Management
Purchasing Principles

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